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"You don't know how thrilled I was to get in that car. It is fantastic! Thank you Kelly! I will use you again to keep the car looking like this." Molly 3-18-14

"I was pleased with both ladies. They did a great job! I would like them again in 2 weeks." 
Mary 3-14-14

"The team was very nice and very professional. I will call you again in the spring."Angel 3-5-14

"I got my house cleaned today.....yippee! They did a good job and were very nice. I will call you for ongoing service" Tricia 2-7-14

“I bought cleaning for my wife for her birthday. I was very happy with the service and would like on-going service.” Charles 1-28-14 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 1-27-14)

“My husband surprised me for my birthday and had the house cleaned. It came out very nice and it was deeply needed. They even brought me a birthday card. It was a good birthday gift!” Michele 1-27-14 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 1-27-14)

“I hired Expert Cleaning Services to help me before a party I was having at my home. I was happy. The team did well. I was very proud of my home on Saturday when all my friends were over. I will be calling you again in a month to keep it looking nice. Thank you.” Marianne 1-27-14 (ongoing house cleaning)

“I needed help with my home and I was referred by Maria, who has been a happy customer since 5-20-04. They came in and did a great job. I really liked the team! I’m looking forward to more help.” Bethany 1-24-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning 1-24-14)

“You guys are lifesavers! It was a really big help. Things look nice now. Thank you.”Rosemary 1-20-14

“I was happy with the team. The bathroom looks almost like new. They did a good job. I am pleased.” Tam 1-20-14

“They were experts, very professional and pleasant!” Joy 1-17-14 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning 1-3-14)

“They did a good job. We were happy. We want on-going.” Julie 1-16-14

“I was happy. It was a very good crew and pleasant. Great!” Helen 1-15-14

"I am always very pleased with how my car looks. They always do a great job and are very professional. They pick my car up when it's convenient for me and I appreciate it. Thank you." Betty 1-13-14 (ongoing Clean Car For A Year customer since 10-25-05)

“We needed someone to clean a home and all carpeting in a home we were moving into and we were coming from another state. They came right in and did everything we needed. They were very professional. They even showed me some tricks to get things clean myself. Thank you! I will know who to call when I need help again.” Jenay & Kyle 1-10-14

“I requested a deep cleaning on my whole house because we have to move unexpectedly. They came in and did a wonderful job.” Ann 1-2-14 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 1-14-13)

“I went to see my father for Christmas. I realized his home needed major cleaning. I called Expert Cleaning Services on Christmas. They came in the very next day. It was a gigantic improvement. Thank you.” Laura 12-27-13

“My neighbor, Amy, who has been a happy customer since 1-29-09, referred me. They did what I needed help with. I will call again.” Marie 12-27-13

“I am very pleased with what they did. I did not know if I could find someone this close to the holiday to help me. Thanks.” Bernanne 12-19-13

“My father’s empty home needed cleaning and I live out of town. My real estate agent, Greg, referred me to your service. There was a large amount of snow that had not been plowed. They came in and deep cleaned it and steam cleaned the carpets, even when they discovered the water was not working. I was very impressed with the outcome and their ability to get all this work done in one day, especially under the circumstances. I was very pleased and I will use your service again.” Mick 12-11-13

"I appreciate how hard the ladies work. Your service is a big help to us. Thank you."Lois (ongoing house cleaning since 6-11-03)

“Thank you. It is so much better. I need help on-going.” Trevor 12-9-13

“The team did a nice job. I am happy. I will call again.” Fredrick, 12-6-13

“The team did a great job. We are impressed. They did a great job and were very pleasant. Thank you.” Tom & Mary Ellen 11-21-13

“I appreciate you haven’t raised your rates in years. I understand. I am happy with my service.” Collette 11-14-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 1-4-05)

“Wow! They did a wonderful job! It was so dirty. It looks so great and they were very nice! I will definitely use your service again.” Meshiel 11-13-13

“Thank you for the move-in cleaning. Nice job. Thanks.” Ann 11-12-13

“They do a good job.” Caryl 11-11-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 10-8-07)

“I was feeling overwhelmed with the season end clean up of our cottage. I have two very young children who need me and it is difficult to get it all done myself. I was only going to be there on a Saturday. I could not find a service to help me. Then I found yours and you were willing to come way out to Three Rivers and clean for me yourself on a Saturday. I was thrilled and the place looked great! I was very pleased and impressed. Thank you. I will definitely call your service again if I need help.” Zhantell 11-9-13

“I want to buy another Clean Car For A Year detailing package. This year, I also want the touch-up paint option. That is great. Thanks!” Angela 11-6-13 (Clean Car For A Year customer since 10-6-08)

“I did not want to clean this big truck myself. You did a great job and I will use your service again. Thank you.” Sandra 11-4-13

“I needed cleaning the next day. They did a nice job.” Bob 11-1-13

“I friend referred me. I’m very pleased with my car!” Marian 10-30-13

“My work truck needed cleaning right away and I had a small timeframe to get it cleaned in. You worked me in and did a great job. I was really happy with your detailing service. I will use you again.” Kevin 10-25-13

“I appreciate how flexible my cleaning service is. If I want them to do less and pay less for one cleaning, they meet my desires. If I need to change or cancel my service date unexpectedly, they accommodate me.” Colleen 10-24-13. (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 12-22-99)

“I really appreciated you working me in the same day. They got right in there and took care of it. Thank you. I am happy.” Debbie 10-16-13

“The cleaning was wonderful. Pal, my dog loved them. They caught up everything all at once and it feels so good! I am working more now and need this kind of help. I will use them every two weeks.” Laura (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 10-15-13)

“We needed our car cleaned right away, for we were selling it. They worked it in that same day. It was gorgeous…gorgeous! This was the best detail we have ever had! Thank you so so much.” Cliff 10-12-13

“I needed someone to help me with cleaning and they came the next day. I was very happy and now I use them every two weeks.” Sherrie (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 10-11-13)

“I used your service for a big cleaning a while back for my father. He needs some help again. Thank you for doing a good job again.” Todd (ongoing house cleaning since 9-27-13)

“I was happy with the detailing done on my van.” Barbara 10-3-13

“I was referred by Tisha, a happy customer since 11-9-97. I needed my car detailed to sell it. I was really impressed with their work.” Chris 10-3-13

“I really like your service the best and I have tried several over the years. “I am impressed. You always remember me when I call. They do a great job! Paul 9-30-13 (ongoing house cleaning since 10-18-03)

“I am not able to do the cleaning the way I would like due to heath restrictions. They came in and cleaned just the way I like and I am very particular. The team was very kind and pleasant. Thank you." Holly 9-27-13

“My son and I really needed cleaning. They came right in and when they were done, it looked like they installed a new bathroom. We were thrilled. We need on-going help too. Thank you.” Dee 9-27-13

“We were moving into a home that needed detail cleaning. Both of us were too busy to do it. They came in the very next day. Two teams worked the first day and one the second day. The owner even worked both days. It looked excellent. We were very happy. Thank you!” Fritz 9-25-13

“Your service is the best! I have tried others, but you do the best job. I need help again and want cleaning every month again.” Lindsay 9-30-13

"They are always so fast and work so hard, and it looks so nice. Thank you." Donna 9-23-13 (ongoing house cleaning since 6-26-12)

"The detailing was fantastic!” Charles 9-13-13

“I called this service to clean while I was visiting my son. The ladies were pleasant and worked hard. Everything is shining and spotless. I appreciated the help. My son, Tony was also very pleased and would like on-going service. Thank you.” Lynn 9-12-13

“The building looks great! We are very happy. Thank you.” Steve 9-9-13

“The cleaning team broke an expensive decoration while I was away from my home. They left me a note apologizing. They paid for an exact replacement. They have never broken anything until now. I appreciate them taking care of the problem.” Don 9-7-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 8-2-01)

“I lost my housecleaner. Your service came in and restored my home. I am very happy. I want service every two weeks.” Tom 9-4-13

"Very pleased with how my car turned out and happy with pick up and delivery. I will tell others." Joanne 8-30-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 10-26-11)

“Your service is fantastic! I am very impressed!” Faith 8-30-13 (ongoing house cleaning since 2-25-11)

“Hi Kelly, Your workers did a great job cleaning for us. Thank you for sending the best!”Judy 8-29-13 (ongoing house cleaning 10-15-98 and auto detailing since 12-18-00)

“We bought a large home unexpectedly and needed it cleaned when we were on vacation. We have used the service for big cleaning projects before, so we knew who to call. They came in and took care of everything. The cleaning looks really good. It really helped us out, so we could just move in. It was great! Thank you.” Mark 8-23-13 (ongoing house cleaning projects since 6-22-01)

"It was a big help and a big improvement. Thank you!" Dell 8-21-13

"They did a great job. I am very happy and I will call you again." Dianne 8-19-13

"Thanks, it was a big help. I was very impressed and I will call you again." Dan 8-13-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 8-16-12)

“They did a wonderful job and they were so nice. I was very impressed." Mary (mother) 8-3-13

“I needed to hire someone to come in and clean for my elderly mother and I live across the country. I felt so comfortable when I called. The team came out and did a great job. My mother is not easily impressed, but she was and she appreciated the team and enjoyed the ladies. Thank you. I will use your service again to maintain my mother’s home. I would be happy to be a reference to your company at any point.” Melinda (daughter) 8-3-13

"I like the service very much and they did everything we wanted." Crystalyn 8-2-13

"I am pleased with your service, thrilled with the pick up and delivery and always happy with how my car looks." Rick (ongoing auto detailing 8-26-08)

"Thank you for working my truck in around my work schedule. It looks great. Thanks!"Andy 7-30-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 8-12-09 and house cleaning since 7-20-12)

"I am very happy with my car and your service. I will call you again." Alida 7-26-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 7-30-10)

"The house looks better than I thought it could look. And I thought I was a good house keeper. It really sparkles, I am amazed!" Anne 7-25-13

"It is beautiful, like a new car. I will tell others about you!" Helen 7-22-13

"You have an excellent business. I referred my neighbor. You have done such a nice job on my car each time I am there." Erma 7-22-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 7-5-07)

"I am very happy with what you did to clean my tractor. Your ladies did a great job. Thank you!" Mark 7-20-13

"I am really pleased and so glad I gave my husband this gift of detailing! He loved it. He was so excited when we picked it up that he was like a little kid. We are very happy and will know where to come next time. We will pass your name on to others who need this done." Sue & Craig 7-19-13

"The car looks great! Thanks for all your work and going above and beyond. Now I just need to do this every summer to keep it looking good!" Sue 7-17-13

"I am thrilled with the detailing! I want to remove the dents and do touch up paint next time now that it looks so nice and shiny." Anne 7-10-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 10-20-09)

"I though the team worked very hard and did a good job. I appreciate your help."Rhonda 6-21-13

“I had never had my car detailed and was not sure about someone picking up my car, either. I am glad I did it! I am very happy. It was phenomenal! The inside is absolutely gorgeous and the outside is 10x better than I expected it to look! I did not even have to leave home. It was very convenient. It is wonderful, well worth the money and I will definitely refer others! Great job! Thank you so much.” Lana 6-20-13

“We are happy. It looks nice. We are pleased.” James & Deborah 6-14-13

“When my friend sees my car, she is going to want to get hers done! It glows in the dark. It looks so clean….really nice!” Linda 6-14-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 1-7-08)

“I called around closing time one day and needed a huge move out cleaning the next day. Your service did an excellent job! They actually worked the whole time. I have used numerous services across the country and I was so impressed. It was very good. I would be happy to be a reference if you need one. You have reasonable prices, fantastic results and things look and smell so nice! I will tell the estate sale guy what a fantastic job you did. Thank you.” Jim 6-12-13

“We can see! The windows look beautiful! We both think they look great! Thank you.”Robert & Karen 6-12-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house and window cleaning since 12-31-10)

“I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday and get his car cleaned. You were the only service who could do it the same day. I was really happy. The car looked great! I have told people about your service. My husband loved the vehicle! I will recommend your service to anyone. I will like you on Facebook! Thanks.” Jessica 6-7-13

“It was money well spent! I liked it very much. Thank you.” Angela 6-7-13

“My truck looked real good and very shiny! You even did the bed. It is so black and clean. Now the scratches don’t even show!" Alan 6-6-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 6-17-10)

“My car looks wonderful! It is so shiny that in the sun it hurts my eyes! When I was looking for my car in a parking lot, I knew this one was not mine, because it was dull and dirty, not shiny and slippery like mine. I am thrilled! I will tell everyone where we go when they wonder how our cars look so great!” Brenda 6-7-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 6-24-10)

“Thank you! Awesome job on the same day, too!” Craig & Kim 6-5-13

“I am very happy with my van. You cleaned it without any chemicals, which is so important to us and it was so salty. Thank you.” Tracy 5-31-13

“Your service is fantastic! Thanks for sending such great people! I will call you when we need another cleaning” Peter 5-31-13

“The girls did a wonderful job. It really helped take a lot of stress off. It really looked beautiful! Tell them thank you. I also appreciate you getting them over here so quickly. Thanks and I will call you again.” Kate 5-30-13

“It looks absolutely fantastic. You did an outstanding job. My friend asked me who did it and I already gave your name to them. Thank you so much. I will definitely call you when I need detailing again!” Tannya 5-24-13

“I am definitely tickled! It looks great! My car turned out so much better than what I expected. It looks brand new again!” Charlie 5-23-13 (on going auto detailing since 5-23-13)

“I did not expect you could get both my cars detailed and my house cleaned the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend. I am thrilled. That is great! You really go above and beyond!” Royce 5-23-13 (customer since 9-22-08 for home, carpet and window cleaning, recycling, and auto detailing.)

“I am ecstatic, really happy, wow! It looks so good. I am thrilled with what they accomplished and impressed with how fast they were able to come out. I expected a week or two and they came out in two days. I am very happy.” Shannon 5-22-13

“I called because my car was so dirty. They came and got it right away the same day! They brought it right back and it looks so nice!” Barb 5-17-13 (ongoing auto detailing since 3-24-06)

“You have a wonderful group of ladies. They are terrific and do a great job!” Jo-An 5-16-13

“The house looked great. Thanks a lot. I am real pleased. It was way better than any other service I have used. I also really appreciated the fast service. I called yesterday and they came out today. I am impressed! Let me know if I paid enough.” Sue 5-14-13

“I was impressed with your service. I will continue every two weeks. It is much better than all other services I have tried.” Nick 5-8-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 5-8-13)

“It was so nice to have a lady pick up my car! Thank you.” Sharlene 5-7-13

“I appreciate the service. They are always on time and do a great job!” Renate 5-6-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 2-20-12)

“Wow! Is this the same van? We are definitely thrilled with the detailing job. They cleaned the van the next day after we called, too. We are customers now. We are very impressed!” John 4-30-13

"We are always very pleased with the service and how our cars look. Ron & Linda 4-25-13 (ongoing auto detailing 4-8-05)

“They are great gals and when they come in, they are like family.” Shirley 4-18-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 8-1-01)

“Everything looked great! Thanks again." Adam 4-16-13

“Thank you for changing cleaning dates. It was nice to come home after vacation to a clean house. It all looked terrific. Thank you.” Amy 4-8-13 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 1-29-09)

“I have tried other services and yours is the best! They were in and out within my time constraints; they did a really nice job with lots of attention to detail, they would get the nooks and crannies and they were nice to my dogs.” Denise 3-19-13

“They met my needs and cleaned without chemicals. They did a very good job and did it the day I called. I am very happy and will definitely call them again!” Lee 3-18-13 (auto detailing service since 3-15-13)

“I am very happy with their building cleaning. We moved to a much bigger location and they were willing to work to our cleaning budget. This is appreciated and helpful.” Josh 3-15-13 (ongoing bi-weekly office cleaning since 6-13-12)

“I really liked Arlene, the leader and was very pleased with what they did.” Adrianna 3-14-13

"My house looked so nice. They did a good job. I am looking forward to next week when they come again." Christine 1-22-13 (ongoing weekly house cleaning since 1-21-13)

"They did a good job on the carpets, the couch and armchairs. It was really dirty and it really needed it. I am happy." Alice 1-22-13

"Expert Cleaning Services has given me the best cleaning I have ever had from an outside cleaning service! My hardwood floors are beautiful and blinds look great! They attended to the things on my list really well. They just did a great job. Your service was wonderful! I will be calling you again." Susan 1-18-13

"The team did a really good job! I was thrilled they could come and help me the same day when I had company coming. I appreciated it and will call again when I need help."Kate 1-14-13

"I am very happy with the work the team did. It is nice to have everything all caught up. I am looking forward to the next cleaning." Ann 1-10-13

“I loved my car! I am happy to share my testimonial.” Lyn 12-21-12 (ongoing auto detailing since 5-31-07)

"Thank you very much for all the care and time you give my home. I appreciate all that you do!" Maria 12-20-12 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning 5-20-04)

“I cannot afford a rate increase. I appreciate you being flexible and adjusting your service so I can still be cleaned.” Dick 12-19-12 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 12-19-08)

"I thought the service was great, fast and professional. They did a super job and I was very pleased!" Nic 12-13-12

“The team did a great job. Our home looks terrific! My wife really likes how you clean the bathrooms. I am comfortable coming in while we are gone and operating our alarm system. We want ongoing service.” Ted (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning customer since 12-12-12)

"I am just thrilled with all that your service has done for my family. I am beyond words. My husband was also excited to see our home renewed! I had no idea my house could look this way. Thank you for your hard work and kindness while in our home! They did an excellent job and I want ongoing service. Thank you so much!" Alice 12-7-12

"I love my team and appreciate them cleaning my home. I notice such a difference when they come. Thank you." Elly 11-23-12 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning customer since 3-2-12)

"My dad came over for dinner and thought we remodeled the bathrooms right after your team deep cleaned the house. Thanks. Your service is awesome!" Kara 11-30-12 (house cleaning since 11-27-12)

"We are thrilled with the work the team did today. The windows and the wood floors look great. Thank you. I will call you when we need help again." Jerry 11-20-12

"I was very pleased. The team did a great job. I will tip them when they come next week! Thank you. It is a big help to have your service." Sharon 11-2-12

“I need two teams to clean from 8:30 to 10:00 on the Friday I choose once per month. I want to pay a flat fee. This is what works for me and they do it for me. I am very happy with my cleaning service.” Angela 11-2-12 (ongoing monthly house cleaning customer since 12-2-06)

"We appreciated getting everything done in one day! It was such a big job. They were very hard working, pleasant and professional. It was wonderful!" Angela 11-1-12

"They did a great job in my home today. It needed it. I am very happy with the team and what they got done. I will call you if I need help again. Thank you." Henry 10-11-12

"I am thrilled with the cleaning. My house looks wonderful! I want on-going service."Jane 10-11-12

“I was so impressed with the cleaning done by your company! I want you to come every two weeks!” Deb 9-13-12

“I am happy with my cleaning service and would like to refer a friend.” Glyni 8-27-12 (since 4-14-11 for home, 11-30-12 autos)

“I could not find someone to clean out where we live. They come and I appreciate it.”Jeff 3-30-12 (ongoing house cleaning since 11-5-10)

“They did a really really good job! I appreciate it and will call again when I need help.”Kate 2-13-12

“I loved the cleaners. They did a super job. I want them to come every two weeks to clean. Thank you.” Kathy 11-23-11

“My mother, Norma is so happy with my on-going cleaning gift that I increased what I was spending for my parent’s anniversary gift. Now they can have more cleaning done every month.” Sara 10-7-11 (ongoing bi-weekly house cleaning since 10-19-09)

“I wanted to buy cleaning for my mother, Norma. She used your service for years and now she cleans herself. I wanted to help her out. She was thrilled! Now she does not have to do the cleaning. Thanks!” Sara 10-19-09

"We would be happy to be a reference for your company." Oliver & Eileen (weekly housecleaning since 8-2-01)

"You and your service helped me so much when I had such a huge project at my home. You guys did an amazing job and I was so grateful! I have been with your service ever since. I am happy to be a reference for your company." Susan (bi-weekly housecleaning since 8-31-00)

"I trust Expert Cleaning to come into my home and clean when I am away. They use my alarm system. I have used them for so many years for bi-weekly housecleaning. I also became an auto detailing customer many years ago. I was going to sell my car and needed to get it detailed. They did such a fantastic job, that I did not want to sell my car. It looked brand new again! I have been having them keep my car clean with their Clean Car for a Year Program every year since that day! It still looks amazing! They will even pick-up my car from my home if I don't want to go out, which I really appreciate. I would highly recommend them." Monica (housecleaning since 11-23-99 and auto detailing since 3-9-02)

"John and I are grateful to you and your crews for your years of reliable service. We will miss you all." John & Havala, previous customers, moved out of the area (housecleaning, upholstery, windows, and car detailing since 3-99)

"I wanted some help maintaining our home and I have very high standards. I was very happy with their bi-weekly deluxe detailed cleaning. In 1997, Tom and I had triplets and our needs changed dramatically. We wanted weekly basic cleaning, and I was very pleased with that as well. There were a few times over the years I tried to do the cleaning myself, or tried another service to save a few bucks, but always returned to them." Paula, (customer since 9-93)

"I use Expert Cleaning for bi-weekly cleaning or monthly cleaning when I am traveling and also use them for bigger cleaning projects. I don't ever have any complaints. They do a nice job and are very reliable." Richard (since 7-17-92)

"I am very particular about my house and hired their company to lighten my load. I wanted my house to stay looking its best, and I am very pleased with their service. I trusted them to come in while I was away and I was always impressed with the results. I would be happy to be a reference at any time." Joanne, (since 4-91)


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